The Various Lightroom Versions

Adobe has decided to rename Adobe Lightroom from Adobe Lightroom to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. So there is that nonsense. Oh, it’s a little faster (rejoice) but not fast enough yet. Then there is the fact that they didn’t listen to pre-release testers about the ridiculous name change. More on that in this video where I example the differences between Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC and Lightroom.

NOTE: I made one mistake. It's not LR 7. It's Lightroom 6.13.

Adobe has done it again. Adobe renamed Lightroom Again. First Adobe renamed Lightroom to Lightroom Classic CC. Then they released a "light" version of Lightroom and called it Lightroom CC (instead of Lightroom Elements). Now, almost two years later, Adobe is renaming Lightroom Classic CC to Lightroom Classic.

Sorry you have to be confused by Adobe's name change nonsense. Sorry to all the developers who have to deal with customer service issues that come up from Adobe's name change.